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Business Process Outsourcing is fast emerging as a viable option to maximize enterprise-value, minimize cost and turnaround times, and increase service quality to customers. But more than these, the real benefit of a BPO solution lies in aligning the clients business with customer, market, and technology changes.

WE at LiveDesk

LiveDesk provides real long-term cost reductions and performance improvements by using BPO. We improve the way organizations work by streamlining their business processes, controlling costs more effectively and helping them make the most of technology innovations.

LiveDesk has BPO experience across a wide industry base. We offer our partners a complete BPO solution and service backed by a tested and practiced process outsourcing model that can be customized to clients needs and cost constraints.

Think About The Savings

Not only will you or your company save countless hours monitoring your web chat, but imagine the amount of money you'll save in payroll! If you were to hire a professional staff to work directly under your supervision 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 356 days a year it would cost you a fortune! Needless to say the taxes you would have to pay on top of it to keep your business legal. Our live chat agents will be standing by every second ready to help answer any questions your prospects of clients have!

Real Time Live Chat Services

Live chat allows you to increase online sales, customer loyalty, support, and also helps reduce operating costs.

Let's face it, it's not easy being strapped to your computer when someone has a pre / post order question at 4am in the morning. This is where the LiveDesk comes in. Our talented Live Chat Agents will be there for your clients or prospects no matter what time of the day or night it is to ensure they obtain the best possible customer or prospect experience when they need you most!

Our highly knowledgeable and experienced technical support staff will add value to your products by delivering top-notch support to your end-users. When customers receive exceptional support, customer satisfaction & retention increases, adding to your company's profitability.

Outsourcing Solutions at LiveDesk!

End to End Outsourced Solution so that you can focus on your core competencies

We are committed to offer a hassle free outsourcing experience for our clients and guarantee a higher level of operation reliability. We begin by assigning you an account manager who oversees your account and gives you a single point of accountability. Your account manager works in tandem with you to design a defined business strategy that addresses the specific challenges faced by your business and is targeted at accomplishing your business objectives.


It is essential to put the right team together to execute right and that is why our call center agents undergo a demanding recruitment process to ensure we hire only the best. We select operators with relevant business experience so that they can drive your account goals successfully. All candidates go through 3 rounds of selection procedure which consists of a written test ,which not only tests their command over English but also gauges their ability to express themselves creatively and articulately, an interview and a typing test. Most of our tech support agents have certifications such as CCNA, MSCE, A+ and degrees such as B.Tech, B.Sc, Engineering, MCA, BCA etc.


Our comprehensive training modules ensure a seamless knowledge transfer and are continuously improved based on changing business requirements as well as feedback received from the clients. To ensure quality, all associates are required to undergo a rigorous training regime before they start interacting with customers. All our voice support agents must successfully complete an accent neutralization program and successfully pass a voice proficiency test prior to proceeding to a thorough and focused training specific to your business and products. Our training program lays emphasis on computer skills, typing, language, culture, current affairs, chatting-etiquette, chat management & problem resolution, industry and process-specific issues, sales skills as well as customer service. The associate are also tutored with relevant case examples from the past in addition to mock chat sessions so that they have some hands on experience prior to going live. We endeavor to foster people connect attributes in our associates so that they are always friendly and professional, mirroring your best image to your customers. We utilize videos, CDs and Internet to better familiarize our agents with the customer 's business environment so that they seem like one of their extended members.

Quality Assurance

Our quality assurance staff regularly monitor and analyze agents chats on a random basis to ensure that their performance levels meet the established quality metrics mutually agreed upon by the Cherry and the client. Trainers continually walk the floor to evaluate their productivity, performance and efficiency in real time. Their performance is benchmarked against metrics like soft skills in areas such as patiently understanding customer problems, customer service skills, conversion rate, chat handling time, language, ability to express, process knowledge etc. Our quality assurance staff diligently observe the learning curve of each associate and training is conducted on an ongoing basis that attempts to address specific needs that are recognized for each employee. We also conduct additional time to time process training based on Client Feedback and to meet the changing requirements of the process.

We send comprehensive weekly reports that span agents' performance, conversion rates or any other data that our clients may require to measure the success of the project. In addition, our clients also have access to real time chat monitoring.