Why choose us?

  • Skilled , Professional, Customer Care
  • Rapid Response to market Conditions
  • Experience with programs like yours
  • Improved Market Coverage

Frequently Asked!

General Questions

  • What services are offered?

    We are an Online Call Center! We provide outsourced Live Chat Support operators for your website. These Chat Agents will provide assistance to your online customers. They can chat in real time, as well as provide prompt replies to email inquiries. They can even initiate a chat session with a customer proactively in order to offer assistance. In the era of Do Not Call lists and the Can-Spam act, live chat support provides a highly effective means of communication with your customers!

    Our representatives stay close to your shipment from pick-up to delivery, keeping you closely informed of its progress. We provide advice, technical assistance and supervision in order to guarantee safe delivery of the cargo at the entire satisfaction of our clients.

  • What are the benefits of Live Chat?

    • Our Chat Agents promptly answering chat/email requests on YOUR WEBSITE.
    • 24/7 Service – no more lost sales.
    • Highly efficient! - one Chat Agent can handle multiple chats at the same time.
    • Affordable! – only $2.75* per hour.
    • Professional Chat Agents – hired and trained according to your specifications.
    • No foreign accent problems in a typed chat.
    • Ability to proactively initiate chat, push surveys, co-browse, etc.
    • Use the chat transcripts to update and improve your knowledgebase.
    • No busy signals or “on hold” delays for your customers.
    • No expensive telecom equipment, toll free numbers, or extra office space.
    • Better customer service means MORE SALES!
  • Will you really be there for me 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year?

    Yes, you will have a LiveDesk Team ready to handle any questions your prospects or clients have at all times! Even if it's Christmas Eve at 4am in the morning!

  • Can I set the hours and days?

    Yes, you choose the day or hours that suits you and your business.

  • How long does it take to get set-up?

    Normally it only takes a few days to get started. Once you place an order you will be assigned an Account Manager who will help you get set-up quickly. It's important to make yourself available or provide us an alternative contact person.

    Your Account Manager will contact you via telephone to gather the exact details about your needs, your company, your sales or support processes, your product or services and much more. Basically your Account Manager will become an expert on your products and services.

  • What are the payment terms?

    Our service is pre-paid. Payment is due immediately on the start date of your service by NetBanking, Check, PayPal, Cash or Visa/MC.

    You may cancel your subscription at any time effective at the end of current billing period.

  • Is there a contract?

    No, our service is offered on a month-to-month basis.

  • Are there any special software programs or servers that I need to get started?

    No! All Live Chat Interactions or Web Visitor Monitoring code we provide to you, for your web site, are 100% cross browser compatible. Our Engineers and Technicians will provide you the "Live Chat" implementation instructions and code for your web site(s) They can also install this for you at no additional cost.

    Note: Our talented designers will provide you with Live Chat images that fit your web site's look and feel. We can be as creative you like.

Virtual Assistant

  • Do I get to select my own Virtual Assistant (VA)?

    Absolutely! We encourage it. We will give Clients as little or as much oversight in choosing their representative as they like. We will let you speak with our actual applicants and pick out someone who you are most comfortable with and can meet your needs. You can listen to voice clips of our actual applicants which is updated daily in our voice clip database.

  • Will my VA tell callers, he/she is in India?

    Your representatives will represent you and your business therefore, you are in full control. If your office is in Boston, for example, you may instruct your VA to say that they are currently in Boston. Your VA's dedicated phone line is local to you and your business and we can provide you and your VA with information pertaining to your local market, such as maps, local businesses, and others.

  • What if my VA gets sick?

    Since your VA is like your own employee, this is a risk. We cannot manage people's health and prevent illnesses and other unfortunate events. You would deal with this much in the same fashion as you would if it were your very own employee working right in your office. You may require make-up days for your VA and/or extended work hours until the absence is made up.

  • Can I change VA if Im not happy with his/her performance?

    Please keep in mind that you are not limited or stuck with the rep that you have. If its not working out well for you, please let us know and we will immediately find someone else for you.

  • Can you hire someone with a specific set of skills?

    Yes, doctors, engineers, and other specialty professions may be hired for your specific needs. But this requires a slightly longer time for hiring and will require higher salary for the VA. It follows that our service rate would be slightly higher. Call or email for a quote.